William Lawrence Felton 01/24/45 - 05/18/98


Larry was a native miamian. Graduated from SW Miami high class of 63. He was a member of operating engineers local 487 for 34 years. He was well respected in his profession. He owned an equipment rental business for many years and was involved with the building of many of the tallest buildings on the Miami sky line. He ran the tower crane for the movie "True Lies" that did all the stunts with the harrier jet.

He was an avid fisherman both fresh and salt water. He had a catch and release certificates because he never kept any catch that he didn't intend to eat. He was an Everglades enthusiast as well! He built many airboats and enjoyed a camp in the glades year round. He and his family enjoyed camping and all aspects of nature. They went to most of the national parks in the US and Canada.

As with all people who work and play outside he was always in the sun. He developed Melanoma and fought a brave battle for 13 months. He never lost hope that he would beat this Cancer. His favorite tee shirt was the one with the frog in the gator's mouth that said "never give up".

He will be greatly missed by his family and friends and all who's lives he touched....